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TheĀ Other Dream

A dream I had around 1995.

I am getting a gynocology exam. I'm up on the table, my legs legs in the stirrups. There is a nurse in the room with me. Then, the head nurse comes in and says, "because of her age, she'll be pregnant by January." I look over at a nearby counter and see the number(s) 6 4 written on something, and leaning up against the wall. The dream ends.

I was 43 at the time, so the 64 made no sense with regard to becoming pregnant. Having the hopes of getting pregnant after suffering a miscarrige in 1992 I thought maybe the numbers should be reversed, to read 4 6. This made sense with regard to conception because it took 46 years to build the temple, which symbolizing the heart, is where we conceive of God's spiritual seed, just as the earth, which symbolizes the heart, concevies of seed (the earth-heart anagram is no coincidence). But 46 came and went and still I was not pregnant. I stopped thinking about it until around 2010 when my husband suggested I read a book called "The Science of God" in which the author uses math to determine the age at which Sarah conceived of Isaac, which was 65... "she'll be pregnant by January," bringing my age from 64 to 65, which I now understand has to do with spiritual conception of spiritual truth, which is what I have to bring to the table through an understanding of biblical symbolism. The dream has to do with the conception of what Isaac symbolizes, which is the promise or spiritual seed of God. I am currently 64.

Written by Sandra L. Butler in 2016
Author; The Bible Decoded; The Little Book for the Soul
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