Ancient Aliens

Inspired by History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series

Ancient Aliens or Divine Humans?


THEY were humans, possessing the same divinity as “the first Adam;” the first of his kind, made a spiritual being, made in the image of God, with spiritual abilities and godly intelligence.  THEY reached the highest degree, becoming the finest example of human kind while on this earth. THEY experienced a spiritual creation during their time here on earth.  Through this creation they took on the same divine attributes of the first Adam, which would give them spiritual abilities and godly intelligence in the afterlife. They became “the last Adam” with regard to the spiritual energy that existed in their human flesh body at the time of their death; a quickening spirit.  1 Corinthians 15:45.  Adam, the creation of the seventh day, is not to be confused with the creations of the sixth day; other human kinds, varying in beastly appearance, symbolizing the beastly stages in man’s spiritual devolution. The first Adam became a human being through the adding of physical flesh. The last Adam becomes a spiritual being through the removal of spiritual flesh through a spiritual circumcision. THEY are those who overcame that which formed this flesh that cannot be seen, restoring a spiritual energy that cannot be measured, becoming pure spirit while still living in their physical flesh body.


THEY desired to come back to the place of their physical existence, where they had received, and applied the spiritual knowledge left by their ancient ancestors, encoded in our sacred texts and ancient writings, encrypted in our ancient ruins, understood by those whose motivations were pure. THEY followed the ancient instruction, completing the spiritual works, receiving the spiritual seed; receiving the highest degree of spiritual life in the spiritual realm— an existence without limitation.  THEY go where they want, when they want, at will.  THEY were time-travelers, having the ability to go forward and backward in time, having power over the physical laws of the third dimension, spiritual abilities that were demonstrated by the second Adam, who walked on water and raised the dead.


THEY left behind spiritual knowledge, the Holy Bible being the source of this knowledge, its mysteries opened up through an understanding of its symbolic code, which has preserved this knowledge for “the end of days.”  Our ancient ruins, through the measures of their very construction, stand as monuments to this truth. The 72 columns in the construction of The Forbidden City and the 144 thousand facing stones in the construction of The Great Pyramid, referring to spiritual measures of the Mind and Heart.  As The Holy Bible has been misinterpreted, so too has the knowledge left behind in the form of symbols engraved on our ancient ruins. It was never about sacrificing human hearts and innocent children, demonstrating a beastly obedience to a carnal interpretation. The spiritual knowledge of God’s Word instructs us to sacrifice the spiritual impurities of our own heart, which are responsible for destroying the pure essence that existed in us as children, impurities that limit us in this life, and will limit us in the afterlife.


THEY went wherever they wanted to go, having no mental or physical limitations, able to move through three states (spirit, glorified, physical) at will, needing no physical mode of transportation. There are two distinct types of beings in the Bible.  In the story of Abraham we have three men, appearing and disappearing as if into thin air.  We find this quality or ability in the story of Enoch, who was, and then was not.  They became spiritual beings by removing all spiritual flesh, their mode of transportation being their minds. Then we have Ezekiel, who describes what appears to be a flying object.  And although there is some compelling evidence of beings arriving in flying objects, there is no concrete physical evidence.  I believe it was David Childress that presented the idea that these aliens are us in the future.  I came to the same conclusion several years ago.  We have a choice.  Go the way of science and the mind.  Or go the way of spirituality and the heart.  Being made in the spiritual image of God we have an innate desire to understand and experience the things of the spirit; the things we cannot see.  One can use science to measure sound and vibration, some using the science of sound to experience states of consciousness (an activity of the mind). Mantras and prayers fall under this level of sound and vibration. Then there is a sound that cannot be heard, and a vibration that cannot be felt, taking place at a sub-conscious level (an activity of the heart).  Two distinct paths.  One through the mind.  The other through the heart.  Only one leads back to our spiritual origin of spiritual abilities and godly intelligence.  Only one path removes the invisible flesh that limits us in this life, and that will limit us in the afterlife.


For what purpose?  To teach us some great spiritual truth?  THEY already have, demonstrating their spiritual abilities and godly intelligence through their constructions, astounding the learned minds of our time.  Maybe we should consider that it is not about the ancients returning to us, but about us returning to the ancients; to the ancient instruction THEY left behind for us to follow, encoded in our ancient writings and constructions, through which we ourselves can become the gods we seek to understand; the divine beings we know existed in former ages.

Article written by Sandra L. Butler © 2013

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