JESUS: the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Jesus teaches us the way through what is the third and final code of the Holy Bible, introducing us to the symbolic code through his parables, which has preserved the spiritual truth and instruction for over 3500 years, which if obeyed leads to the best and highest degree of life in both the physical and spiritual realm.  The truth is spiritual, as was the law Moses received on the mount, which the children of Israel , chosen to represent us the people, broke through disobedience, the spiritual path giving way to the physical path, which was to end with the passing of Moses.  Jesus brought the spiritual truth or instruction that would have fulfilled the carnal law that was added because they transgressed spiritual law.  But they rejected the spiritual truth that would have brought them spiritual life.  The 1500 years spent under the carnal law formed the carnal mind; the veil of religious iniquity that prevented them from seeing that it was not what they were drinking and eating literally that was making them impure or unrighteous.  But what they were drinking and eating spiritually— a spiritual truth Jesus put forth in his “cup and platter” parable.  A cup is what we drink from. To drink means to think (in the mind).  A platter is what we eat from.  To eat means to accept (in the heart).  It is what we are thinking and believing (both consciously and subconsciously) that is preventing us from obtaining spiritual life or salvation.  But it was not only the Jews that rejected Jesus’ teachings on salvation.  It was also the Gentiles.  The children of Israel chose Saul over Samuel, whom God had anointed.  The Gentiles followed suit, choosing the teachings of Paul over the teachings of Jesus, God’s anointed one.  Jesus’ spiritual teachings were confined to the grave after 460 years, while Paul’s adulterated teachings lived on through the churches.  The purpose of the revelation of Jesus Christ recorded by John in the book of Revelation was to expose, through the first four churches, the many false religious and spiritual beliefs that have been formed from Paul’s teachings over the past 1500 years, which have permeated the minds and hearts of those seeking truth.  None of these beliefs are the way.  None of them are the truth taught by Jesus.  None of them have the power to restore spiritual life.

Written by Sandra L. Butler © 2020

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