THE LITTLE BOOK FOR THE SOUL depicts our journey through life, our path determined by our mind, in which exist 12 gates that lead into our heart, as the 12 gates in the wall of Jerusalem lead into the temple. God is the Father, the author of life. But we are the book, inscribing words upon its pages through life experiences. Writing a true word upon the tablets of our heart sowed the good seed, ascribing to the Son of God. Writing a false word sowed the evil seed, attributed to the son of perdition. The power that sows the good seed, is Holy Spirit— a positive and constructive energy. But the power that sows the evil seed is negative and destructive. We have all eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sowing both seeds. And in the process of time, the evil choked out the good, resulting in a life that we may no longer take much joy in.   The 12 sons of Jacob are the12 tribes of Israel, which are neither lost nor extinct, but existing within. By judging the negative aspects of these sons or tribes, we take possession of the positive, claiming our Father’s spiritual inheritance by taking possession of a spiritual promised land— a life of joy and contentment. Through the creation of a new spiritual heaven and a new earth we become a new creation, rewriting the book of our life, receiving a new name and the salvation of our soul through that anointing called christ.  The journey of the children of Israel gives us insight into our journey through life. We are the spiritual children of Israel, and being children are taught the spiritual things of God through repetition, brilliantly accomplished through the intriguing, and sometimes perplexing stories of the Bible.