THE BIBLE DECODED provides us with an in-depth understanding of the symbolic code of the Bible. You will take a journey with the chosen people, the children of Israel, chosen out of all nations to teach us about ourselves, their journey a pattern of our life journey. Through revelation and word meaning you will learn God’s spiritual language, the ancient code of the Bible, revealing the psychology of scripture through its symbolism. The stories of the Bible offer opportunities for growth. As we grow in our knowledge of the ancient spiritual Word of God through a decoding of the scriptures, we are given an opportunity to grow in spiritual essence through the application of the works contained therein. The Patriarchs lay out God’s ancient instruction, which if followed will bring us back to that elevated state of existence once known to Adam and Eve, and that we once knew as little children. The Prophets serve to reveal the error that caused us to fall from this perfected spiritual state, while warning us of the physical and spiritual consequences of that error. The names of the people, places, and things contained in the Bible, many of which share the same symbolic meaning, reveal God’s end of day’s message to His children. And we, being spiritual children, unskilled and disobedient with respect to the spiritual word and works of God, must be told again and again, which has been brilliantly accomplished through the intriguing, and sometimes perplexing stories of the Bible.