There are three codes associated with the Bible: 

The first is the Bible Code; a mathematical code, which gives a numerical value to each Hebrew letter and then using a mathematical skip sequence decodes hidden messages pertaining to physical events. The second is a hypothesis, one that suggests that Jesus left behind a physical bloodline through Mary Magdalene; through the birth of a daughter named Sarah, a theory that existed long before Dan Brown’s book, The DaVinci Code, the means by which the second code became part of our collective consciousness.  Whether fact or fiction, its symbolism set the stage for the third and final code. 

The revelation of 1960 exposed the error in the doctrines of the Church, the history of which is encoded in the stories of the Old Testament. When we read about Israel and Judah, we are not just reading about the Israel and Judah of Judaism.  But about the Israel and Judah of Christianity, of which the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah pertain.  The Old Testament is about the Judean-Christian religion, of which the Prophets have much to say. The teachings of the first revelation laid the groundwork for the second revelation, which began in 1998: 

Revelation of the symbolic code of the Bible, which takes the teachings to another level. Is it now about a spiritual Israel and Judah, symbolizing the Mind and Heart.  So it turns out, the Bible  is a book of psychology.  The Book of Psychology!  Jesus spoke in parables, using symbolism to teach us the spiritual truths through which we obtain the salvation or healing of our soul. The soul is defined as the vital principle in man credited to the faculty of thought, emotion, and action. Mind, Heart, and Body. The Bible reveals the spiritual or psychological events that have taken place within us, which the historical events depicted in the stories reveal.  While providing us with instructions for the new creation that is to take place within us.  The creation of “a new heaven and a new earth,” symbolizing a new mind and a new heart, through which we enter a peaceful state, “new Jerusalem.” 

The symbolic code of the Bible has preserved the ancient spiritual knowledge lost to the carnal interpretations of religion for over thirty-five hundred years. This ancient spiritual truth, symbolized by Joseph’s corn, has been stored up, feeding those who have entered the spiritual famine spoken of by the prophet Amos— a hunger for hearing the words of the Lord.  A desire for spiritual healing.