The Third & Final Code: the key to unlocking spiritual truth

The first is The Bible Code; a mathematical code, which gives a numerical value to each Hebrew letter and uses a mathematical skip sequence that decodes hidden messages pertaining to physical events. The second is a hypothesis, one that suggests that Jesus left behind a physical bloodline through Mary Magdalene; through the birth of a daughter named Sarah, a theory that existed long before Dan Brown’s book, The DaVinci Code, the means by which the second code became part of our collective consciousness.  Whether fact or fiction, it set the stage for the third and final code— The Symbolic Code, which has preserved the spiritual knowledge encoded in our Sacred Texts, protecting the spiritual truth usurped by the carnal-minded doctrines of man-made religion.  

Joseph and Jesus, the two biblical figures that symbolize the word of God— truth.  Old Testament and New Testament, the former the type-and-shadow (harbinger, forerunner) of the latter.  Joseph was thrown into a pit by his brothers.  Fast forward two thousand years, when Jesus’ religious brothers threw him into a metaphorical pit by rejecting the spiritual truth, which would have freed them from the religious law they placed themselves under fifteen hundred years earlier because of spiritual disobedience.  Abraham, the father of nations, had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac.  Two great nations: Islam and Israel.  What makes them great is in what they have to teach us about ourselves.  The children of Israel are called the “chosen people” because they have been chosen out of all the nations of the world to represent us the people. Their journey reveals our journey through life, the stories of the Old Testament, through an understanding of their symbolism, revealing what has taken place within us on a soul-level, the two sons of Abraham revealing the two states of the soul: bondage and free.  Our soul enters a bondage state when we reject the truth, which we have all done, beginning early on in our life. 

For Israel, this bondage began long ago, when they rejected Samuel, meaning heard of God, through which they experienced direct communication with God, and demanded a king rule over them, like the other nations, the ones they were to remain separate from. So, God gave them Saul, meaning to demand. They wanted someone else to fight their battles for them, hiring their labor, just as the people hire their religious leaders to tell them how to think and what to believe, the point at which they unwittingly handed their spiritual kingdoms (their own mind and heart) over to an unholy external power, which would ensure that they never discover the holy internal power lying dormant within them, which when activated, allows for a direct communication with God, through which we receive the truth that makes us free on a soul-level.  This was the state of Israel prior to choosing Saul over Samuel. This would have also been the state of the Jews, had they chosen Spirituality over Religion two thousand years ago.  The rejection of spiritual truth continued as the Gentiles followed suite, choosing the carnal-minded religious teachings of yet another Saul over the spiritual teachings of Jesus.  By mixing carnal law with spiritual truth (milk with meat, which is unlawful), Paul caused divisions among the brethren, replacing the law of God with his own made-up law of Christ.  The carnal law, although added for disobedience, was still the pattern or figure for the spiritual Law Israel broke thirty-five hundred years ago, which Moses illustrated as he came down off the Mount, and which Jesus attempted to restore two thousand years ago, speaking of the internal or spiritual works that fulfil the carnal law.  Paul systematically removed the carnal law in the building of his new religion, retaining only those parts that would be useful in establishing yet another patriarchal religion, in which women had no voice, the imbalance of power that exists between men and woman in the world of religion continuing.  The outward revealing the inwarda spiritual imbalance between the male and female aspects of the soul, which has led to the decaying of man’s spiritual health, the reason the healing power called christ came to earth.

The spiritual teachings of Jesus were buried by 460 AD.  But fifteen hundred years later, in 1960, the religious teachings responsible for attempting to destroy spiritual truth (as Joseph’s brothers attempted to destroy him) were revealed.  The “name” associated with the teacher of the revelation of 1960 is “Gilead.”  This is not a coincidence!  Joseph is in the pit when a company of Ishmaelite merchants coming from Gilead, bearing spicery, “balm” and myrrh to carry to Egypt to sell, happen upon the scene.  But it was the Midianite merchants that lifted up Joseph out of the pit, selling him to the Ishmaelites, who brought Joseph into Egypt.  The Ishmaelites are the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar.  The Midianites are the descendants of the sons of Abraham and Keturah.  Joseph is the descendant of Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah.  Joseph symbolizes the word of God, whom the brother’s sold for money, as Religion uses the Holy Bible, the literal Word of God, to make money. That is the way of religion, which is on its way out, as the brothers step out of the storyline.  Those that play a part in bringing Joseph to Egypt, which is to bring Spiritual Truth to the World, will be the descendants of Ishmael.  If this is to be taken literally, it will be one who is Muslim; one who has moved beyond the carnal-minded interpretations of the Book, being set apart from religion, as Joseph was set apart from his brothers.  But spiritually, a descendant of Ishmael is one who descends from a particular way of thinking; one that teaches spiritual healing through the power of the Mind instead of through the power of the Heart.  Ishmael is associated with the MindIsaac is associated with the Heart.  Joseph, allegory to Jesus (descendants of Isaac) symbolizing the power of the Heart (aka, christ)the only way we can be spiritually healed. These spiritual Ishmaelites are in possession of Joseph, revealing their transition from Mind to Heart, the balm symbolizing the healing that comes with the application of the spiritual truth encoded in the Book— in the ancient Sacred Texts that have been left behind.  The key to unlocking spiritual truth being revelation of the symbolic code of the Bible, which has come out of Gilead— the result of forty years of revelatory and scholastic teachings.  The union between the set-apart brothers is about to take place.  

All nations and religions must return to spiritual truth and do the spiritual works if we want to escape the destruction we are bringing upon ourselves due to the sickness of our heart, the noise of which is anger, the evidence of painful emotions left unresolved!  

“My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war.”  Jeremiah 4:19

Let do the works and put an end to The Great-Spiritual-Heart-Bypass!” ©

“We can’t heal the world with Love until we heal our heart with truth!” ©