Native American2

The Native American Indian or Red man was assigned by the Creator to be caretakers of Mother Earth.  The Red man possessed the Spirit of God, connecting with the Spirit that lives in all things, while the White man possessed the Word of God in the form of The Holy Bible.  But there was great error in the White Man with respect to God’s Word, the Spirit of which had all but been destroyed by the middle of the 5th century, spiritual truth giving way to religious iniquity.  The White man that entered the North American continent toward the end of the 15th century was not what the Hopi Indians refer to as “The True White Brother.”  If He were, He would have co-existed with the Red Man, living in peace and harmony.  What was the importance of bringing the White man and the Red man together?  To bring the literal Word of God, which was in the hand of the White man, back to the Spirit through an understanding of the language in which it was written, which being symbolic, was in the hand of the Red man.  Through an understanding of the symbolism, we gain a spiritual understanding of the Holy Bible, which is of vital importance as we enter the third and final spiritual era of Jacob. 

The word of the White man (in government and religion) was lies. The government of the White man broke nearly every treaty it made with the Red man.  The religion of the White man that entered the North American continent was not the Word of God. It was a man-made image of God’s Word, too often wielded in the spirit of self-righteousness.  In an arrogant display of entitlement, the government of the White man nearly wiped out the Red man, just as the man-made dogmas governing the self-righteous religious peoples, had all but wiped out the Spirit of God’s Word.  The Spirit of God has been working through the Red man, warning us of the imbalance in Mother Earth.  And what does the Red man tell us is causing this imbalance?  Greed.  The root of evil bringing death and destruction to Mother Earth.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil…” 1 Timothy 6:10. 

The love of money is greed, a negative emotion born of fear and lust for control— two unholy spirits created in the absence of God’s holy spirit, which are dwelling in the Heart of man.  In our spiritual Mother Earth.  Greed is a rapacious desire for more than one needs or deserves.  Spiritual greed is a lust for spiritual power, which is at work in Christianity due to the Great Lie that created the lust, perpetuated by Paul, the first great corrupter of the teachings of Jesus.  A lust that is being demonstrated in churches around the world.  Having the same evil root as monetary greed, spiritual greed is contributing to the destruction of our physical Mother Earth.  We will never be able to give the land back to the Native American peoples, but we can balance the spiritual scales of justice by giving that spiritual land called the Heart back to the Spirit of God, through which we honor the Red man, whom the Creator has chosen as caretakes of Mother Earth!

Written by Sandra L. Butler © 2000

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