The Books

TBD_3DTHE BIBLE DECODED breaks the ancient code of the Bible, revealing the mystical teachings that have been lost to the doctrines of religion for over 1500 years.  You will experience firsthand the error in Judaism and Christianity as you take a journey with Israel and Judah. And Zion will reveal itself as far more than a nation born of the Holocaust. This extraordinary book will forever change the way we interpret biblical scripture as it reveals an important message of instruction for the end of days.  The integral content of this book serves to remove the veil that has obscured this ancient spiritual knowledge, which through its application restores the spiritual power that has been lying dormant in the spiritual womb of man for thousands of years, the holy seed regenerated, providing the highest degree of life in the physical and spiritual realm.  The knowledge we gain through the author’s in-depth understanding of this third and final code is the key to unlocking the deeper spiritual truths contained in our sacred texts, ancient writings, and coded works. Purchase through Amazon

TLB_3DTHE LITTLE BOOK FOR THE SOUL is the detailed account of the ancient healing process encoded in the Holy Bible.  God, knowing the condition in which we would find ourselves in the end of days, has left us with a transformation process that combines the ancient practices of the east with the ancient instruction provided through the sacred text of the west.  Through the creation story in the beginning of Genesis and Jacob’s last words to his 12 sons in the end of Genesis, we are given the blueprints for building a new life, the negative and destructive energy responsible for our disorders, addictions, and diseases transformed into positive and constructive energy.  It is a process that brings salvation through christ, providing the highest degree of spiritual life in the spiritual realm.  The power to perform this healing has been with us all along. It is simply a matter of activating it according to God’s ancient instruction, presented in the pages of this little book for the healing of the soul.  Purchase through Amazon