The Teachings

The foundation for this knowledge was laid in 1960 by a man with no religious background, and very little knowledge of the Bible, his mind serving as a pure conduit for the fourteen-year-long revelation he began receiving at age 46, which exposed the error in the doctrines of Christianity.  I met this man, a master woodworker, a builder of musical instruments in 1975.  At the time I was certainly not focused on acquiring biblical knowledge, but as they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”   These teachings were pure, passing through a mind that was free of preconceived ideas with respect to God’s Word.  Conceived in a heart void not only of religious beliefs, but of the emotional pain that one often experiences when leaving the church.  In other words, there was no mental or emotional filter to distort the knowledge that was coming through. I spent the next nineteen years taking lots of notes, filling one notebook after another.  However, in my failure to use these teachings to change myself, I became a scribe strictly in the literal sense, writing the information down on tablets of paper, but not upon the spiritual tablets of my heart through spiritual obedience.  I was to see the error in this Israel and Judah of the Bible, and then, to use the words of the teacher, “take it home.”  When God’s Word is externalized, the spirit of the Word is lost, removing ones spiritual sight, the symbolic meaning of God’s Word obscured, which is why the teacher, who taught knowledge unknown to the churches, instructed his students prior to his death in 1994, to “tread out the understanding.”

On March 1st 1997, I was moved with great force out of a spiritual stagnation that lasted two and half years, and into what might best be described as a tearing down process.  Any error that had been added to this pure foundation of knowledge following the death of the teacher was revealed to me over a period of thirty-one days, April lst marking a new new beginning.  In the void and darkness created by the elimination of the light of a flawed understanding, I was prepared to receive what would be the foundation for this understanding that I had been encouraged to “tread out.”  It began in the fall of 1998 when I was given a book to read and give my opinion on— “The Bible Code;” a book about the mathematical code of the Bible, which reveals physical events through a mathematical decoding.  The morning after finishing the book I awoke to the words, “atomic holocaust. 2006.  You know the answer to that.  You KNOW the answer.”  These words were in the book, but I did not know the answer.  It was in that moment that I realized I had so many questions pertaining to the spiritual meaning behind the physical event.  What followed was a question and answer session that lasted three months.  Whatever question I asked before falling off to sleep was answered the next morning, and always at precisely 3am.  And like my teacher before me, I was 46 when I began receiving the revelation of the symbolic code of the Bible.

The teachings I received over those three months came through as I was waking up; in a semi-conscious state, my mind serving as a pure conduit for the knowledge coming through.  But there was more to come, a lot more.  Preparation for what was going to come through during a conscious state would require a quiet mind.  At the time, I had no idea why I was being led to go down into the basement and sit in total darkness, allowing no thoughts to run through my mind, which took some time to master.  And why, after that experience, I was led to chakra energy work.  But it all became clear when I read the following in the book of Revelation: “And when he had opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven for the space of half and hour.”  By this time, I had received enough knowledge of the symbolic code to understand the meaning.  There is “silence in heaven” when the “seventh seal” is opened because silence in the mind opens the seventh chakra, activating the divine source that was dormant.  For several days following the energy work I experienced what I can only describe as a life-review; memories and feelings from my childhood flooding over me, coming almost faster than I could record them, which Mary, who helped facilitate the energy process, had encouraged me to do.  After that, I was led to the forty-ninth chapter of Genesis, where, encoded in scripture some thirty-five hundred years ago was the very process I had just experienced as a crash-course.  The revelation of the symbolic code of the Bible took seven years to conclude as a complete understanding would require me to experience the healing process firsthand.

“Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there?;
why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?” Jeremiah 8:22

The name “GILEAD,” which means “heap of testimony, heap of dung, heap of stones” was given to the teacher of the first revelation as early as 1960.  For some these teachings will be a testimony; a witness to what they already understand in their heart to be true.  For others they will be dung, conflicting with what they have been taught through the doctrines of religion.  And for others still, they will be the spiritual stones that will stand as a testament to their own internal healing process, through which their spiritual health has been restored.  There is balm in Gilead, as it is through the knowledge received through the second revelation that we are able to decode the forty-ninth chapter of Genesis, where Jacob tells his 12 sons what will befall them in the end of days, revealing what we will experience as we are taken through God’s 12-step healing process.

The Dream