Could their symbolism be revealing the same spiritual truth?

egypt-bibleWhy did our ancient ancestors, who had no knowledge of this God of the Bible, look to heaven as the source of power they knew intrinsically existed?  Why do their ancient ruins in the earth, through their very construction, reveal the builders preoccupation with the lights of heaven; with the sun, the moon, and the stars?  Was their devotion to the Sun in a way prophetic, predicting man’s future devotion to the Son?  Could Ra, the Egyptian Sun god, and Jesus, the Son of God, be emanating the same spiritual truth?

Look at the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who did away with the worshipping of many gods, proclaiming there was only one god, the sun god Ra?  And Abraham of the Bible, who left the worshipping of many gods in the land of Ur to worship one God in the land of Canaan.  And Joseph, the favored son of Jacob, dedicated to the worshipping of one God (as Akhenaten before him), who after becoming an Egyptian was given great power, second only to Pharaoh.  And Moses, who after living forty years as an Egyptian was introduced to the God of his fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, leaving Egypt only to return forty years later to retrieve his brothers (the Hebrews) out of a land that worshipped many gods, and bring them into a new land where they worshipped one God.  And last but not least, Jesus, “the light of the World,” the “Ra” of Judea, who came to bring his brothers (the Jews) out of the bondage of serving many laws, as Moses had brought his brothers out of the bondage of serving many gods. Today, there exists many religious truths.  But there is only one spiritual truth. 

Why did so many important Biblical figures go into Egypt?  Why is Egypt repeatedly interwoven into the stories of the Bible?  The Bible is the Word of God, the source of godly intelligence, of spiritual knowledge.  Egypt is (associated with) the Spirit of God, the source of spiritual abilities, Egypt being the key to unlocking the spiritual truths encoded in the Bible.  I believe they went to Egypt to show us the importance of bringing the Word of God back to Spirit; back to a spiritual interpretation through an understanding of It’s symbolism, the language in which the Bible is written.   

Written by Sandra L. Butler © 2000